Dealing with Cogniflex Side Effects

A lot people have a very difficult time focusing for extended periods of time and must take a pill like Adderall to improve their ability to concentrate. The problems with prescriptions like Adderall are the nasty and potential dangerous side effects that often result from use of this highly abused pharmaceutical. The alternative to this is Cogniflex, a wakefulness enhancer that is far more kind to the body and mind of those taking this natural brain booster than Adderall.

Cogniflex side effects

Side Effects of Cogniflex

Like everything, everywhere, nothing is ever completely perfect and comes with some minor drawbacks. Cogniflex side effects are very minor compared to Adderall’s often intense negative symptoms like: depression, suicidal tendencies, and even death in extreme cases. Cogniflex is a much safer way to help you on days you aren’t at your best. However, the symptoms that most commonly occur are minor things like:

·    Headaches- this is the most common side effect due to the amounts of acetylcholine that your brain demands when on the nootropic supplement. This lack of acetylcholine is what makes you experience headaches.

·    Fatigue-This is what happens when the brain is off Cogniflex in the same way that after an intense exercise or running session you feel tired from the effort. The brain responds in the same way.

·    Insomnia- Taking Cogniflex before bed is not how the supplement works best, and is intended for day time use to improve productivity, attention span, and memory retention.

Depression is a very rare side effect and was not listed among the main side effects to be aware of. Cogniflex offers people a temporary way to boost their productivity and retain information more effectively until the supplements effect wear off. Thanks to amazing breakthrough in science people who struggle with creativity, focusing, and being productive will be able to function better than they ever hoped.